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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Jawbreaker Formula

I know I am going to hear some flack about this and here's why: I don't like it. It has too much glitter, isn't as smooth and my glitters are curling, mainly the red squares. Here's a photo first, then well discuss more.

I miss my old formula. Even with two coats of Seche, this one isn't smooth yet. Not even close. With the older formula, the glitter was more sparse, it was smoother, the white was richer. Now it seems more watery, even though it is thicker. To me, it looks more like a white base with glitter than it does like a jawbreaker. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty and I am sure you guys won't be as picky as me. I have a little of the old formula left and I am sticking with that and will put this one up on my blog sale.
What do you think about the new formula? Do you guys even care that its changed? :-D

Happy polishing! XO,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

NOTD from my Julep box. SASHA and ROBIN colorblocking!

Colorblocking is everywhere right now...and now it's on my tips! In my latest Maven shipment I got sasha and robin. These are two fun summer colors so I decided to colorblock them on my mani. Here's what I got.... what do you think? Do you think you will be trying a colorblocked mani sometime soon?

I liked the colors a lot. Sasha was the electric melon color and Robin is supposed to be a robbins egg blue but it had a bit too much green in it for me to call it that. Maybe more turquoise.

Is it just me or does anyone really dislike Julep's brushes? They pick up either WAY too much polish, or not enough to make a smooth pass over the nail. NOT a fan of the Julep brushes. Sorry.

Julep always makes really beautiful colors, especially their creams. They're rich, luxe looking.
Do you have any Julep? What is your favorite Julep?

Friday, June 1, 2012

100 Follower Giveaway!

Are you ready for lots of my favorite things?

Everything in this giveaway is a favorite of mine in some respect and I'd love to share them with you!

Giveaway open through Thursday night, June 22 at midnight.

All entries will be verified. Don't disqualify yourself by clicking something you don't intend on doing just to keep it fair for the people who do all of it. I'm so glad you understand :-)

I love you all- to you guys who've been here since the beginning; Thanks for sticking with me! For all of the new likes, I hope you love the community here at ink&polish.

Okay folks, love-fest is over. Get to clicking and enter!

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