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Monday, April 30, 2012

NYC goes matte! (Matte Me Crazy)

I wasn't able to get my hands on Essie's Matte about you, but I found this gem at target- for a $1.72, no less! I couldn't wait to try it so as soon as I got the kids to bed I ran and
started experimenting with a few things. I settled on Sinful Colors Black On Black and Julep's Portia and added a coat of Matte Me Crazy. Holy cow, I am in love with mattifying glitters now.
This is subtle and very, very fun. I want to matte a jelly sandwich soon too- is that crazy?
Anyways, without further ado, here you go!
                                                                      Artificial light

                                                              and a little closer shot.

This was my first time really using Sinful Colors for anything other than accents and I really like it. I got full coverage with ONE thickish coat. ONE coat. How often can you say that about a black? This will be my go-to for layering under glitters since they're so affordable. 

Final thoughts: If you don't own a matte yet and are looking to try some fun looks, GO GET THIS!  It is very affordable and can be found nearly anywhere (I purchased mine at Target). Great for layering over glitters and spicing up all of the polishes you already own. With this top coat there is no need to go out and pay extra for matte polishes.  The matte finish will not last forever though, if you are too rough with it, there will be areas where it's not as matte as it started out as.
Great value for the money.

overall- 4.5/5
formula- 4/5 (beautiful but the finish wears off a bit)
wear- n/a (I just did this mani tonight and will update this when I have a few days of wear)
personal rating 5/5. A great value for the money.




  1. I found Matte About You on Amazon for $6.60
    O_o Im gonna have to go get this one and see if I like the whole matte finish thang :-)

  2. I have both and get exactly the same matte-ness and quality. For the price, I'd say the NYC is worth it.

  3. I love matte glitter! This looks great! :-)