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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rainbow Honey's Hanami :-)

Happy Mother's Day out there! If you're a mom, I hope you're having a great day of relaxation- for all you children out there I hope you give your mom the day of relaxation she deserves ;)

Now, on to the fun stuff!

I ordered Rainbow Honey's "hanami" during her last shop opening and I am SO glad I did. This polish is really something special. It's a pink jelly base packed with pink glitters (fine, hex and iridescent), white glitters (is that shredded? It has the appearance of crushed sea shells- amazing!) and flecks of purple.  First, a closeup: (I got this picture from her facebook page since I'm waiting on my new camera)

Is this gorgeous or what? Let me tell you, it's really a great product when I feel really bad about having to remove a polish to do more swatching.  As soon as I was done swatching a few more polishes I immediately put it back on, and even layered it over a purple jelly on my toes. That turned out fabulous as well, but I won't make you look at pictures of my toes. It's better this way. ;)

I have read a few bloggers who have said they think the packaging is a bit much since they're just going to throw it away but I really appreciate the extra touches she adds to the orders. The boxes are really cute and the bottles are even more awesome. Here's a swatch with the box:
And here's one in daylight:

And one in artificial light:

I can not say how much I LOVE this polish and I am really looking forward to the Equestria collection. If you don't own any Rainbow Honey polishes yet, you should really check them out. Her contact information is here:
Facebook: Clicky
Website: Clicky
Etsy: Clicky

For all of the pictures above I applied three coats over basecoat (I love my glitters extra-thick!) and one coat of Seche Vite. When I re-painted them though I used a coat of Gelous on top and I got a nice, glassy sheen that I was looking for. The formula arrived a bit thick but as she adds in with her instructions, a few drops of thinner made this perfect. I like that she mixes it thick since I like my glitters on the thick side. The glitter didn't need to be fished out or stirred because each dip into the bottle produced a great mix of glitter.

Overall- 5/5
Formula- 4/5
Wear- 5/5 (glitters always wear well)
Personal rating- a big 5/5.

I purchased this polish with my own money for review. I have not been compensated for my opinions and all opinions are my own.


  1. Thank you! I'm new to this but nail blogging is a blast. I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I love writing them. :-)