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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Cherish Polish is happening, people! Cherish Polish is a line that is a collaboration between myself and my sister.  What makes Cherish different is that we will make donations to different charities for each line.

We believe in philanthropy, no matter how small.  Philanthropy is defined as "for the love of humanity" and this type of feeling is what drives me every day. Cherish is a brand you can feel good about buying, knowing that we're making this line "for the love of humanity" and not to pad our pockets, as we have all seen with she who will remain unnamed. It's truly a labor of love. Not only will Cherish donate to charity, but you'll be able to help pick which charity we'll do next!

With that being said; I would like to announce that the first line will be in support of Children's Medical Hospital Heart Center, located in Dallas, TX.

My handsome nephew, Ethan, was born with a congenital heart defect and Children's hospital staff have been a huge part of his success so far. With all they've done for my sister, brother-in-law and nephew- it is the perfect way to show my gratitude.

Not only will proceeds of this line go to the Heart Center, if any polishes from this line are popular, proceeds from those polishes will always be set aside for them.  If I bring back a color, even if it's released along with a different collection, you will know that Children's will still get their donation. 

The same will go for all collections, and after this one gets going I'll be polling you guys to see which charity should be next!

The first line isn't quite ready yet but it will be later this year, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!
For now, you can find updates on my facebook page or this blog. My facebook is located at

For more information on Children's Medical Heart Center, you can click the link below:

And of course, I couldn't make this post without showing you the whole reason I started this endeavor. My truly inspiring nephew, Ethan. In this picture, he looks like he's a super hero about to take flight. Aaaand away!!!!! Hehehehhehehe.

Our logo is a sparrow and I'd like to give you a bit of a background as to why I chose that. Sparrows symbolize the ending of a long journey.  It seems so fitting for this.

Here's our logos! What do you think?

There you have it guys!  Keep your eyes peeled for updates!
Until then, happy polishing!
Carrie, Lauren and Ethan.


  1. What an awesome thing to do. Two of my babies were born too early and had to spend time in the NICU, so I have a ton of gratitude for the wonderful nurses that care for these little ones.

  2. Thanks April..... I THOUGHT this was big news. No one seems to care, lol.