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Thursday, August 16, 2012


The lovely Dahlia at Sassy Nails is opening GLITTERLAND tonight at midnight PST!  Are you as excited as I am? Eh, well, you should be because this chunky decorative glitter is the I got these awesome orange stars that have a yellow iridescence to them. Stars? SHOOTING STARS!

Here's what I did with them then I'll tell you how I did it!
First, here's a quick shot of the glitter (don't mind me today, I'm washing my lightbox mat so I had to use a black t-shirt!)  So you see that you get more than just one type of glitter per baggie- you get a cutout and a solid shape. I LOVE that!  Can you see the iridescence?

I layered these glitters over OPI DS Extravagance. This one is my absolute favorite plum-y purple ever. Holy cow I can't stop staring!    Since I got the stars, I could only think SHOOTING STARS! Specifically "The More You Know"....from the PSA's. I waited for the DS to dry, then painted some seche on top, waited a few seconds for it to get partially tacky, took my tweezers and applied the glitter.  After that dried for a moment I took some striping glitters from Finger Paints (unnamed, one was gold holo, the other silver/blue holo) and made my star's tails.  In all, I love how they turned out and I LOVE the glitter! I'm in love with the fact that you get the cutout and the solid shape. She's got tons of shapes and colors to choose from so go check it out! and click on the glitterland link!

This product was provided in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and absolutely honest.

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