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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey, thanks!

I have lots to be thankful for. Firstly for you guys, who are uplifting and funny. Secondly, for my family who's really gotten into nail polish on my behalf- I LOVE that! Lastly, for the wonderful people I've met through this (mis)adventure- (Especially the person mentioned in this post. xoxo!). So- here's my thank you to you guys :)

 The TY means Thank You! ;)

On that note, I received a wonderful package from Becky over at Naked Without Polish ( and facebook HERE.  If you're not following her yet, go do it. She's currently got the best giveaway ever going on- 14 indies! 14!!!
Anyways, she kind of told me what she was sending but I wasn't prepared because in that box was Max Factor Fantasy Fire- That's right- unicorn pee! She also sent me Peacocks Gone Wild, a puzzle-piece notepad (my son has aspergers, so that's so perfect!) and an awesome little nail art stencil set that I'd never seen before. It worked great too! Here's some pictures of the awesome things in the box.

See how stinking cute the notepad is? AND FANTASY FIRE!

I used the nail stencils to make a zebra striped pattern on my pinky. Success! I can't do this freehand.

Peacocks Gone Wild is amazing too, btw. Bottle spam! Here's a macro:

You guys know how hard it is to come by Fantasy Fire, so sharing that with me was just awesome. Help me return the favor by liking her page!

Thanks for stopping by you guys and I'll let you know how fantasy fire turns out. I'm scared to use it because that stuff is liquid gold!  :)

Happy polishing!

PS- fantasy fire!

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  1. <3 You're the sweetest! You deserve some goodies! I'm glad I could make you smile!