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Thursday, May 24, 2012

An amendment about Sally Hansen's DVD

After I put up the swatches of the Sally Hansen quad last night I was thinking. DVD might be pretty if I just used it over other colors. So I did. WOW. Completely surprised by what I saw.
Below you see it layered over Zoya's Ivanka (I did Charla afterwards and it was even better, but I didn't get pictures of that one. Sad day) and Spoiled Color's Checkin' Into Rehab.

Look how pretty! Okay, I lost my second clean-up brush in a week so there's NO cleanup on these.

So my amendment? Definitely look into getting DVD. I am going to get a full-sized one today!


  1. okay, I adore it with Ivanka. Looks awesome!

  2. It is. It was gorgeous over Charla too!!!!

  3. I love the HD collection. I have several and DVD is one of my favorites. It is much better layered over other colors than it is alone, but I even like it by itself.