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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sally Hansen HD minis

Sally Hansen HD Colors in Lite, Hi Res, Cyber and DVD


I know that these have been out for a while, and I was never really interested in the set until I saw that I could buy the minis as a set for less than the cost of one full bottle. I'm a sucker for variety so I swiped it and left before I could talk myself out of it.

Let's start with Lite.  I really like this color yellow. It is bright and shimmery with a bright finish.  I would ALMOST call it a foil. This is one of the two that I'd really wear again and this is one of the very few yellows that I like.

Next is Hi-Res. It is a bright pink shimmer that leans toward the magenta side. In the bottle it looks like a pink/purple duochrome but sadly, that didn't really translate on the nail. It's still really pretty and it is one of the two that I would wear again even though it doesn't flash as much of the purple in it as I'd hoped. It is still really pretty. I only got one picture to flash a bit of the duochrome.

Third is Cyber, it is a bright grapey purple shimmer. It is a lot more purple than my pictures are showing and I don't know why. I tried natural light, artificial light with the ott-light (which ALWAYS shows things true to color) and ambient lighting.
This one bubbled up almost immediately here's a picture of that.

This bubbling happened with no topcoat and three THIN coats. Bubbling is a pretty rare problem for me and the fact that this bubbled almost immediately does not bode well with me.

Lastly I have DVD. I had a heck of a time finding out what color this is because there were no polish names on ANY of the bottles. How weird is that? This one is a blue/purple glitter duochrome. Very sheer on it's own. I would suggest layering this on top of black I think.  I actually had to paint this on my nail again as I write this to solidify my opinion that it does not promise as much duochrome fun as the bottle would have you believe. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty, but not near as spectacular as you might think it is while looking at it on the shelf.  Below is pictured three coats, with the top one being rather thick.

Overall I'm not super-impressed with DVD and Cyber. I did really like Lite and Hi-Res though. Formula was pretty bad on Cyber and DVD was quite sheer. Lite is gorgeous! I am really thinking about putting that one on again very soon and Hi-Res is lots of fun for a pink. I'm not usually a fan of bright pinks but this one I like.

The brushes on these were poo. They were TINY (even for a mini) and didn't grab enough polish for one stroke across the nail. I had to re-dip so much it really was an issue.


  1. that's funny that DVD seemed like your least fave, since that seems to be the only one I think is pretty, lol! But then again, I have tons of pinks and purple. And I'm not such a fan of yellow on my nails. Aside from the small poo brushes (again lol) did you think the actual formula is alright? I've been eyeing the full size bottles at Walgreens, but have been unsure

  2. Yeah I have an ammendment about DVD. I painted it over a purple jelly and Zoya's Charla. BEAUTIFUL!

    Don't get the purple. It bubbled within 5 minutes. Once I painted the blue glitter duochrome over purple I got some really beautiful flashes of the duo.
    Get DVD!