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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sally Hansen's Gem Crush in Be-Jeweled.

So toady I've got another Sally Hansen (I'm on a roll with these SH's aren't I?). This one is from their "Gem Crush" line that I've been eyeballing for a while but haven't had the gusto to buy until recently. Very glad that I did because this one is so much fun. Really!
Be-Jeweled is a nice purple micro glitter with larger round pink glitter and a smidge of silver micro glitter in there as well. It's a pretty gritty glitter and she's a hungry glitter. This one ate two coats of seche, a coat of gelous and ANOTHER coat of seche on top of THAT before it was smooth. If you can deal with that, I'd say this is a buy.

Aaaaaand one blurry one to show all of the sparkle she gives.

aaaaaand a macro

and finally, outside shot. Daylight was fading so I took this before I could do any cleanup.

Do you own and of the Gem Crush series? What's your favorite?

Until next time, happy polishing!


  1. it looks so beautiful...but taking that off would prolly infuriate me :/

  2. While I was waiting for the maintenence guy at work tonight until 11- I got to picking at my nails and it actually came right off. I think the combo of the new nail strengthening basecoat and all of that gelous and seche sandwiched the glitter pretty well between and it didn't give me issues at all.