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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Essie's Go Overboard Review and Swatches

Go [throw this thing] Overboard
Essie's always been one of my favorite brands. Go Overboard is a dark teal cream. I LOVE this color. It is really pigment saturated which is good but overall I'm disappointed.
Let's start with some swatches and then I'll go over my (long) list of issues I had with this one.

Alright, so first things...formula. This one was really thin. It ran down into my cuticles and when I tried to do a cleanup, it dyed my fingers and fingernails even though I wore a basecoat. Do you see my blue cuticles? Yeah, that did not come off for two days. It was a mess.
THEN the next day as I was going to work I noticed terrible bubbling. I even took a picture to show you how bad it was. This was on every single nail and it was BAD. I didn't put on thick coats, either. It was two thin ones. The formula was so thin there was no way to apply a thick coat even if I wanted to.  On top of all that it stained my nails and cuticles.
Wear- wear on this one was pretty poor too. Not long into my first day of wearing this I had lots of chips. I ended up just peeling it off halfway through the day. I don't like doing that but I don't like having really chipped polish either.
The brush on this one was also really thin. I don't know if I've ever had an Essie brush that was this thin and with all of the wider brushes going around, you'd think Essie would have gotten on board some. It took seven strokes to cover my nail with one coat. I can usually get away with three, possible four.

I'm not even going to rate this one like I normally do.
I'm sad, Essie! I hope this was just a really bad mix-up somewhere at the factory and that ALL of this color weren't this terrible. :( 
I really wanted to love this color.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. That's just awful!! It is a great color it just looks horrible. DISLIKE!!! <3