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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect swatches and review

I was looking for something different today on the nail aisle at Target and these polishes have been piquing my interest for a while. Why not. I grabbed "AIR" and ran to work so I could paint them on my poor naked nails.  With a name like "Smooth AND Perfect" you'd better have a home run of a product or you're going to have a big flop. To my surprise, this polish lives up to it's name. First, a few swatches:

First coat of both of these colors went on really sheer. So sheer that if you didn't know I had polish on, you'd never be able to see it. Coat two went on a little darker but by coat three of both of these, it was PERFECT...and....SMOOTH. Go figure, right? By smooth, I mean it even filled the permanent ridge in my pinky nail perfectly without any ridge filler or basecoat. I can't see a deep ridge, can you?
Normally if a polish takes three coats to look opaque then it's too much hastle for me to deal with and I never really use it again. For these, I'll make an exception.  Formula on this has been great so far. Not too thick or thin and you can build up opacity however you'd like. You can get a sheer wash of color or go completely opaque. I Had two smudges while waiting for this to dry and the formula is SO good on these that the smudges worked themselves out into a completely smooth finish and you'd never know I smudged two nails.

All of the colors in this line are soft pastels and all very demure and can be paired with any other polish in this line and look perfect. The line also includes some pinks, corals and a really pretty pastel green (that's the next one I'm going to buy). All of them have a nice subtle shimmer to them, but not too much as to distract from these beautiful colors. Once the color is dried it stays on very well. Removing this polish takes a bit of elbow grease and acetone. I think that's due to the fact that 3 coats + a topcoat is pretty thick.

 Overall I LOVE this line and I'm kind of sad I didn't buy it sooner.  The ONLY thing I didn't like was the three coat application. I'm sure I can live with that though. The purple, Whisper, was so sheer that it took quite a bit of polish from the bottle. Those are my only two complaints. Nothing major.

Swatches pictured above are under artificial light. Accent finger is "AIR" and other four are "WHISPER."

I got these at target but have seen them literally everywhere. If you're into pastels this is a must have in your collection.

Overall- 4.5
Formula: 4/5
Wear- 4.75/5
Personal- 5/5

Thanks and happy polishing!
xo- Carrie

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  1. LOVE!!! I printed coupons for these I picked up 2 colors. I wanted to grab Sorbet too, but the bottle was broken. I couldn't take it. So, I'm holding onto my coupon until Target gets more of that color in. Can't wait to try mine now!