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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Revlon's Sheer Seafoam Review and Swatches: and a HUGE letdown

So- before I start this review I'd like to point out a few things. #1; teals, seafoam, turquoise, mint green; those are my favorite colors ever. #2; Jellies are my favorite polish type.  Imagine my surprise and absolute joy when I saw a seafoam jelly! Oh man, I couldn't contain my excitement. I ran home and started swatching, only to be completely let down. First, a bottle shot so you can see the color in the bottle.

Isn't this gorgeous in the bottle? However, when I put a coat of this polish on..... well let me just show you what happened.

It looks like I wore a blue polish that stained my nails and then put clearcoat over it. This one is horrid. Just to see how many coats it might take to reach even semi-opacity I kept putting on layers of polish. Do you want to know how many coats it took? NINE. Nine coats. It never dried. I don't know why on earth Revlon would put this out.

There's no redeeming qualities to this polish. Take a look at the first picture. Do you see how much polish has been used? That's after one use trying to get something semi-opaque.

I'm going to post this on Revlon's wall and pose to them the question: "How did this make it past the research phase?"

This is another polish I'm not even going to bother rating. 


  1. When I was looking at the bottle it seemed that this was one of best colors Revlon came out with this year. I'm so happy I didn't buy this. Thanks!

  2. i just came home with a bottle after eyeing it for almost a month. i'm on my 3rd coat as i type. the first being pure seafoam, the 2nd tinted with white, and now another coat of the seafoam. i dont mind it, but why anyone would want this as a sheer colour, i dont know. it makes my fingers look like they are rotting away...

  3. If you've ever wanted to do a glitter sandwich with CG Refresh Mint or For Audrey or something like that, this color would be great to use as the "top coat". :)